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( ) Version 6.33 It is now possible to enter the HP printer driver under Sys/Prefs/SMs Setup. Another new feature, it is now possible to scan the.pages file and import the pages in the printer. Some additional fixes and improvements Some small additional fixes and improvements. In the past, you could not print any document to any printer. In 6.33, this will be fixed. Sorry, that is all I can tell you for now, but stay tuned and I will be able to provide you more info. New Features Some new features. HP PhotoSmart Laser Printer driver support [smind] HP Tally Label printer driver support New Driver: NoScript Distiller [smind] Package manager The package manager is implemented. - Create an update package - Send the update package to the driver manager - Update the driver - Execute the update package in the printer driver - The HP printer driver is now re-implemented, you can not find the printer driver file in the printer driver folder anymore, because the file is now in the package. Additional Notes: The package manager is a new feature. So there might be some small issues. In the case that the package manager does not work, try to download the driver again from You can now execute the package manager from the Print driver manager. You can only install/update/delete packages from the HP driver manager. To update the HP driver manager, you need to update it to version 2.0. The driver manager version 2.0 is now available for free download on the website (click here). Resetting the HP printer driver If you find that the HP printer driver does not work correctly, you can reset the printer driver. Resetting the HP printer driver is a very quick and simple procedure. How to reset the HP printer driver Go to the HP printer driver setup: - HP printer driver setup - Click on printer driver setup - Click on the Reset button



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